25 February 2008

BT home show & pretty brows are the lovess


Erms. I've got no comments on it.
Nice, but i look way matured with it lahs. Sians.
Oh well. It's painless! A teeny weeny bearable pain only!
Mummy is so nice to pay for me. =) =)

The right brow is the 'shaped' one while the left one is totally bushes! LOL!

Went to UOB bank to open another bank acc!
That is for my salaries & i can't touch them. Sadded.

23-02-08, Sunday.

Attended a show at Boy's Town Home.
That was my second visit to there & indeed enjoyed myself every time.
Hahas. All thanks to the bunch of playful-but-fun guys.
I made many new friends there! :]
Hope i wouldn't see them at there next year. (It's not good to see them in
the home for so long right?)

I sang a song as little performance for the guys there.
Like duh, Janice have not been singing on stage for don't know how
many years already.

The BT guys performed Lion Dance!

Elisa, Shelia & Me!

This expression is kind of funny.

Did you notice something about my hair??
Yupps. I curled it with the curling tongs.
I'm totally in love with the effect! Super nice!
That is the kind of curls i wanted to perm lors!

But do i look 'Aunty' with it? I hope am not? :/
Maybe a little matured.

Alrights. That's all for this short short post.
Good news! I'm out of job again! So i've got time to blog!!!!!!

P/S: OMG! I've already found out, let's hope it's not you.

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