12 February 2008

cny happenings

Some pictures on CNY!

At home... If you notice, my house's decor is so cheena lors!
Very festive season feel right?

I love this dress. But i wore a tube inside cos' it's kinda low-cut yeahs.
I don't want my relatives to nag nag nag -.-

Outside my house, my corridor.

This cute boy boy is my little neighbour. HAHA.
He's bio-ing chiobu lehs. Opps!

Pics with my immediate relatives. The first family i went to 'bai nian'.

My family & I...

Day 2 of CNY.

Boey family came my house early in the morning for visiting!

Oh gosh! You guys have found out that something amissed.
HAHA. It's my lens yeahs. It gave me problems again.
Ok. Admit it Janice, you're born wih small eyes.

Let's jump to CNY day 3...

A treat from my parents to Boey family at Sakura!
Yums Yums!

Another round of dinner with mummy's friend that night.

HAHA! *$&%(#)@&$&%*@(

CNY day 4 was a working day!
1st week of parade girl started. Was working with Amber & Nicole.

After work my co-ordinator offers me a car ride to another relative's place
to have cny dinner again!
Dinner dinner dinner! I'll grow fat like this lors!!!

LOL! Vday! Super ma fan day! HAHAHAHAHA.

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