01 February 2008

air asia flyer girls

Did an event yesterday for Air Asia with Boyfriend!
How cool to work together with bf right?!
Althought the pay kinda sux but for the fun of it, it's really worth lors!
Intro-ed some of my friends for this job but none wanna work.
Hahas. Nvm lors. They missed out the fun lahs!

Cabbed to Raffles Place(again!!) with Boyf to avoid be late.
I still wanna do events lors. Reputations is very important!
Did not have any eye make up on that day. Eye lashes giving me probs.
Don't really care lahs, not some big deal event which need to be chio or what.

We're supposed to be be flyer girls & guys. There're over 40 of us lors!
We are allocated to different locations like Lau Par Sat, Somerset,
Bugis Junction & Ministry Of Sound!
Bus is provided for us lors!
Each location we're supposed to stay for an hour, but minus the walking
time & more, we left only 20mins to give out the flyers.
So my leader is very good lahs, we slacked all the way at Burger King eating.
Wahahaha. The last station was MOS! We didn't get to get in, but we were
acting like some cheer leaders cheering for the VIPs going to MOS.
They also took a few takes of videos & pictures of us lors!
We were like shouting... "Air Asia!" & "Finally"
Like as if we're shooting some ads. LOL!

In the bus. Boyfriend's sleeping while i'm fooling around.

New friends made.. Dexter & Alex(???).
Oh, i'm really bad at names, sorry dude!

Dexter on the left, predicted as future clubber.
He's like only 16 & he already wanted to club. Hahas.
When i'm 16 i don't think i know what is MOS, ZOUK lors!
I'm like 17 turning 18 still haven't stepped into a club before lahs!
I don't do illegal actions like faking IC. LOL ;P ;P

Boyfriend & Me!!

Shooting is going on!

Supposingly to Zouk on that night!
Mummy allow me to club lahs. Like FINALLY she allows.
You know why??
This is our conversation:

Me: Ma, i go club tml can??
Mum: Why go club? With who?
Me: Nothing de lahs. Go dance lors. With friends. (actually is bf lahs)
Mum: Dance arhs? Ok lors! You can practice your dancing.
Me: o.O

But in the end, i do not have an IC. Super sadded lors!
i shall wait till i'm legally 18 & go in all by my own fucking IC!
Muahahaha. Shiok-ness!

Anyway, had Subway with Bf. Yums! My all time favourites!
Then Janelle & Boonsing/Boonseng met us, but they had their
dinner at Riverside Indonesian resturant.
So after that Janelle's guy friend drove the guys to Zouk then me to CCK.
Cabbed home from there. Was practically sleeping in the cab, when i heard
some mumblings of the driver uncle kept chatting with me.
HAHA. Too tired to entertain him huh. Lucky he didn't do anything to me.

Camwhored alot with Janelle in the car. Will upload them for you guys to
hace a great laugh! HAHAHAHA. You'll only know if you've seen them.

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