11 February 2008

happy 3rd month, boy!

hey all! happy CNY to you guys & girls huh!

alot of pics to be uploaded & i'm so so busy to even on my com.
have been busy bai nian-ing & work & sleep. bloody tired man.
anyway, this year did not went to much relatives' house compared to
last year. however, i still have quite a large sum of angbao earnings. ;]
jio me for mahjong & poker session people! i wanna gamble gamble.
lol lol. once a year nvm lahs hors??

omgomg! vday is coming soon, & today is my boy's & mine 3rd month!
weeettsss! like so so fast right..? :P

sorry, this post is kind of random. i'll blog very soon!
maybe tonight?? hahas. so stay tuned!

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