31 January 2008

IPO & day out with Kylie

Some pictures on IPO roadshow.
The amount of pictures we took is madness!
We made up a story while we were too bored waiting for the rain.

On a random rainy day afternoon, Janice & Joanna were working
at an IPO booth.

Suddenly, Jojo had the urge to dine at her favourite BK.
So she decided to robbed Janice in order to satisfy her needs.

"Give me all your money now! I have a pen knife!"


"Hiak Hiak. I've robbed her for 5bucks!"

"Janice is a fucking poor bitch now!"

Therefore, Jojo treated Janice to BK's drink cos' she's penniless now.

Btw, Jojo was arrested by this polices! Wahahaha!

We don't understand a single thing about shares lors!

I'm trying to act like some sadist rapper!

What is Jojo doing here! Her "Oh My god" reaction?!

Anyway, while working, i saw this little caucasian kid lahs!
She's like sooooo freaking cute! She walked into my booth & tapped me.
HAHA! Soooooo cute!
She makes me wanna marry an handsome Ang Moh lors! Thinking of the cute
mixed blood babies i will have, maybe i should huh!

Damn it! I feel like kidnapping this cute lil thing home lors!

On a lighter note, Kylie is back to Singapore few days ago,
but she's back again!
We went town for hair extentions & joined Boyfriend's friends for

Went off work for 2 hours in the morning to register for poly at MOE.
Yes, you might think i'm crazy applying late for school right!
Cos' i only received my letter on the day of closing date. & it closes at 4pm
while i received the letter from my mailbox at 6plus evening.
I was like damn panicked lors! Not as if i cannot apply for poly, i can k!

Boss is very good to let me go but still pays me. :) :)
Super happy arhs!

Last day of IPO roadshow Jojo was having some eye irritation,
so she didn't turn up for work. & i was left allllll alone!
Luckily only 3 hours work lors!


Some random leftover pics on my punggol photoshoots!

At home in my sleep wear. Just finished with my makeup,
therefore you see it so white! Photoshoots requires thicker makeups de.

Pretty Gillian & I!

With my photographer, Thomas!

I'll update soon! Come back for more alright!

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