21 February 2008

IPO roadshow 2

Pfffft. I can't control but to nag & nag, rant & rant to Amber girl
till she kept laughing at me.
My god lors! Cab fare from my place till Raffles Place is freaking $30!!
It's not that i woke up late or what lors, is because it's the start of my
period, so i didn't want to squeeze & stand in the MRT for the whole trip
as i know my menses will give my cramps.
So i decided to leave house at 8am & predicted that i'll reach at 8.30am.
I'm so so wrong! Guess what, i reached workplace only at 9am!
Am caught in many many jams & it took me like freaking 1 hour to reach!
I always thought cabbing will be the fastest transport, but i was wrong.
I swear i'll never ever cab again in the morning. Waste my time & money.
Worst still, that uncle drove me to the wrong destination.
UOB Bank instead of OUB center. #*$&%(@^!#%$
Hello? Although they are just the opposite building but i paid you to send
me right to the spot ok, not making me run like mad jay-walking.

I should have reprimanded him but i didn't. I was too rush to do so.
Oh ya, talking of that uncle. I nearly jumped out of the Taxi lors!
Janice might have just died 2 days ago. :X
The driver was like shivering & trembling one of his hand while driving
on the expressway. At once, i thought he had some health problem or what
which made me really panic!
I was tilting my head & totally leaned forward & stared right at him.
Just then, he changed hand & shook the other one. HAHA!
Thankfully, he was just exercising!
Damn it. I kanna this kind of bad experience early in the morning.

Seriously, i love doing IPO roadshows!
& i love working with good bosses. :]

***** I got my cheque on the spot & was credited to my acc the next day!

My uniform. Way better then the previous one but i swear i look so
like a ITE student -.-

We had seedlings & some wood displays at our booth!
Was having light makeup on for Day 1. Looking so pale lahs!

Some camwhoring on the 3 days.
This is already very little. Wasn't looking best without lenses so didn't
bother to take much pics.
Anyway, i do look like i'm with those lenses right?? HAHA!

With the bang bang girl, Amber.
She's damn dolly lahs!

There's something super coincident betweent us,
we had period at the same day same time. LOL LOL!

A bagful of tissues i gotten. Hahas. Was helping a girl to clear
the tissues. & she kept coming my booth to pass me lots & lots of them
till i brought 31 packets home. Amber got a handful of them too.
Madness! I gave it out to 1 of a guy at Jap class & to my cousins.

Wheeeee! Pay slip! Muack muack!

Getting a little random here.
I just realised i've been meeting with Janelle before to my parade girls job
to collect uniforms for the other girls.
Are we meeting this sunday again, Janelle???
Hmmms. Did i post these before??

Look at the pile of money!! My Angbaos' earnings.
Not bad not bad! Can be better next year! HAHA.
I calculated all the money only yesterday, the last day of lunar new year. :]

Was out to Dearest house today. Vday was the last time we met.
1 whole freaking week of not meeting up. I would have thought i've got
no bf on times. LOL! This is not a good sign. :P

Bought these today. My love of all is the curling tongs!
It really works lahs! Cheap & good! Thumbs up!

It's a good sign seeing that my passbook's savings is increasing.
Am so happy now! But still... there's so much to trouble over money.
Yeahs. I need more money. Much much more.
People might see the side of me where i'm an average income girl, i get
what i wanted. True.
But hey! I feed myself & buy myself all my stuffs. & i do gave money to my parents
on my every single pay.
Okok, they pay for my transport & hp bills lahs. & when i'm out of jobs they
still gave me incomes. I don't have much events lobangs last year as compared
to now. I seriously don't earn alot lors. I don't know how the hell i managed to
survive till now too.
Now, the next prob is my school fees.
MDIS is not that ex afterall. But i'm supposed to pay 1/3 of the sum myself.
Mum says if only i pay for myself, then i'll know heart pain & will put in
effort to study.
I totally understand that my family is not wealthy at all. So i don't wanna
see them wasting so much money on me also.
I once do have alot of savings. Like a few thousands when in Secondary school times.
But i actually paid for my piano & computer! Which both also cost me a bomb.
I bought myself handphones too.
HAHA. Suddenly, i feel so proud of myself!

Will be looking for full time job & work for a month till April to earn for my school
fees. Guys, do keep a lookout for me on higher pay jobs alright.
HAHA. More events please!!!

I have a show on tml evening.
Got to go! Byex lovelies!

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