18 February 2008

it's a happy day

I've finally made up my mind to go MDIS UniCampus for my Diploma!

But then again, i can't decide which course to take lahs!
LOL. I'm so like a damn loser.

Dip. in Business Management???
Dip. in Marketing???

I think i prefer Business Management more although Marketing is
the more interesting one. :)

It's so nice to sleep early & wake up automatically in the morning the next day!
I would normally sleep at 2am & wakes up at least at 1pm. Hahas.
But last night i slept at 12plus am & i'm awake at 9.30am!
Hmmms, i've decided to sleep before 1am from now on.

Supposed to go down MDIS for some course enquiries.
But i get it all done by phone calls & they claimed that they'll accept me.
LOL. I wonder will they reject anyone in the first place.
Even so, i still have to go down & register lahs.
But i'm still in dilemma whether to study which course. Sians.

Okies. I've got the IPO roadshow once again!
I'm happily happy cos i'll have money!
This time round is only 3days & i'm working with my Amber girl.
HAHA. I guess i'll get sick of Burger king again.

Friends, if you happened to pass by Raffles Place do come & chat with
me ya? It's so bored sitting down doing nothing. :x
I'll be at OUB center, IPO booth.
From morning till evening. :)
Will be there for 3 days!

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