02 February 2008

janellesss & kyliess

Below are some overdued pictures with Janelle & Kylie
on last few days. Did realised until Janelle mentioned that
we actually met out for 4 days out of a week.
My god! I actually missed going out with her after 2 days of being home.

Random pics on yesterday!

Below are some really funny ones!

This is so lesbi! Don't worry, i do have a boyfriend. :)

Steamboat time!

HAHA! I told Janelle she looks as if she's at the heaven.
So heavenly feel right..?!

Not my lousy photography skill ok. The focus here is that funny waiter!

Kisses before we bids goodbyes!
[Boyf will recognised my tees :)]

Slacked out with Janelle again. We went roaming around town,
& did hair extention again! Hahas.

Super funny! There's this Paris guy beside our table came &
offer us help to take picturs for us. Therefore, Janelle & him
soon picked up random chats.

Have been visiting supermarkets these 2 days with parents.
My house is having some massive spring cleaning, like painting, scrubbing,
blahs blahs....
Oh, i love Lunar New Years!

Tml will be a date with Ying Xian. She is suppose to hunt for job while
i'm suppose to collect my pay & use it to shop for my cny's stuffs.

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