05 February 2008

lil whiny bitch

Date with Ying Xian was cancelled due to her being
too tired & wanted to continue pigging.

Anyway, went to collect my pay with my mum instead.
So our pay was increased by a teeny weeny little. :)

Went to Aunt Sally house at night, & she surprised me with
theses loots!
Erms. I would prefer if i get to choose them myself though. -.-
Gosh! Don't you want to own them too? ;P ;P

Anyway, some sexy stuffs i bought. Do not laugh pls!
Hiak Hiak .

Vainpot Mummy & her precious little vainpot!
Mummy wanna join in modelling line too yeahs. Hahas.

I'm very fucked up with my contact lenses these days.
I've been resting my eyes for the past 2 days yet it still giving
me some shitty irritations!
CNY is just 2 days away! & i don't even have the time to make a
new spec in time too! My old spec is too horrible & terrible to be
worn out.
Super fucked up now lahs! I shall be a geeky nerd till CNY. :( :( :( :(

Oh! I'm gonna grab that heels off the ice lemon tee shelf tml!
Was considering for very long whether to purchase it or not.
Well... it cost like 30 over bucks for a not so gorgeous heel in
'ice lemon tee'. I personally think is not so worth lors.
Aiya... i hate to shop last minute! Nothing seems to catch my eyes.
"No fish prawn also not bad lahs" :P :P

Come to think, i actually got no time for last minute shopping too!
Wanted to buy skinnies for CNY, but my plan for tml will be buying
heels, going boyfriend's house & collect my scarf from Ying Xian.
All these have to be done from the time i wake up till evening.
By the time i slept, i might only be awake at 12. I only got 6 hours
to do all these. Buy skinnies need to go town area lors.
Where got enough time sia!
& what if (choy choy choy) my heels got no size for me or some shit,
what am i supposed to do? No new shoes for CNY?
I've already got no new bag & no new skinnies le.... no new shoe i will
be super duper depressed lors!
Understand why i'm not so excited about this CNY?!

Baby is nagging me to go his house early in the morning tml.
Like wth! Let's hope i will wake up, if not all my plans will be
ruined again, & so Janice will get so super depressed & emo.
*cross fingers*

Opps. Thanks for listening to me whining anyway. Hahas.
Loves you all! Goodnights lovelies!

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