29 February 2008

some cool stuffs

Someone posted my blog link to this SgForum website.
So cool!

But the person doesn't have my pictures. :( :(

Check this out! You might find your blogs being listed there!


Anyway, today is the leap year! 4 years once to have 29 Feb. HAHA.

Remember from my last post i said i went for a shoot?
Yupps. Here are some pics for that day.


At mcdonald having our breakfast together!

During the shoot!


Get ready for some serious cam-whoring!

My turn! Hahas. I love to snap pics!

In the photographer's car!

That's all for that day!

Just when i was worrying how to survive with totally no events
on hand for March, jobs came coming in!
I'm like so so happy!
Now i'm flooded with events & shoot starting tml. :) :)
Contridicting myself... i'm so so upset for not getting to work on IT Fair!
Damn it!
Baby's have been so sweet these few days! HAHA.
& he's like saying i didn't reply his tag when i reply every single
one of them.
Seriously, i left he's out lahs! Not on purpose lors!

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