16 February 2008

updates on vday!

Hello, how's everyone's vday celebration??
Enough of those bouquet of flowers/bears & the huggings of
those lovey-doveys ya. I'll envy! Not jealous yeahs! :x

LOL. Mine was alright. It's somehow like another normal date.

Baby make a trip down to my house before we officially stepped out of
my house only at 6pm.

You must be thinking like 'wth, half of the day spent at home on Vday?'
Hahas. Ya lors.
I wonder if my mum's not coming home will we leave our butts off the house?!

Just spent a day recollecting on how Vday always makes a special day
the past few years back.
Especially on secondary school days, many guys & girls will have bags of
stuffs & flowers flaunting around the school. LOL.
Innocent gifts back then was just chocs, candies, flowers, plushes & also
paper roses! Although those were really nothing, but it's so cute lahs!
Back then i was already flying to cloud nine to receive something on Vday
can, for the fact that i'm not good-looking/popular.
Hahas. Silly!

Then when i'm happened to be attached on Vday, i would expect it to be
super sweet like it can ever be lors!
Ok lahs. My ex-es were still up to standard. HAHA!
I'm sucha bitch who's expectation is high right?

I've got things to annouced too! It's a good news!
Mum knows about me & boyfriend. & she's like damn cute & kept
probing me questions lahs.
She didn't say she approved, but i'll take silence as consent!

We had 'Zi Cha' at Timah.

Then we had Jim Beam. HAHA! It's freaking 11.4%vol of Whiskey.

The bag of gift for Baby.
Stop laughing at that 'gu niang' paper bag. Yes yes, i DIY-ed it from a
Motorola bag. I don't know why, but i just find it very 'xia suay' lehs,
so i covered the logo & details. Plus, the bag & the items inside really
no link. I think i made it worst though.
No wonder my Art failed. :(

& these are what inside the bag.
The DIY-ed musical photoframe. I DIY-ed only the photo lahs.
Sad to say, i did a bad job again! Sadded!
Sorry lahs, Janice is not a very artistic person, but she loves to act cute
by DIY-ing things alot.
Also Pierre Cardin's wallet & the double-hearted love letter.

Anyway, i got to sleep already. Tml i've got the parade girls job.
Sianssss. Work just for the sake of money. Uber no life lahs!
& i'm so so depressed too.
For the fact that i am supposed to be at Zouk now but i'm NOT.
Like finally everything is there for me(id, mum & bf's approval) & i didn't go cos'
no clubbers i knew is going.
Who will go club alone de?? I'm first timer for club lahs!
Damn it, seriously!

P/s: Jojo girl, sorry for not attending your competition in the end!
Jiayou, i know you can do it! =)

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