31 March 2008

another last min call...

Pictures taken by Joanne!

Received a last min SMS from Angie babe asking me to work for the
flowers job as replacements once again.
I woke up bout 10.30am bathed, makeup & rushed out of the house.

Working with Mei Yan, Wendy & Ruth. Missing out Cheryl & Huiyi. :(

Some pics from Wendy on Friday...

Camwhored alot alot today too!
HAHAHA. But without Wendy, cos' she left earlier.

Meiyan(left) doesn't look like 20 years old at all lahs!
So freaking like 16 & i felt more like the one in 20. Sians! -.-

Went Cineleisure to shop for lashes during break time, saw cousin Jasmine too.
FEP for my Fried Mars Bar & shopping after work!
Sweetie Mei Yan is such a nice girl lors! She accompanied me, the troublesome
girl, to shop for my flats! & finally, i bought a new flats!

The chio lashes, nose packs & simple comfy flats!!

The end! :)

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