26 March 2008

dancing diva


Any handsome/hottie/cutie interested in LATIN BALLROOM dance???
Of cos' you must not be a noob at dance lahs.
If you are, yes yes i nneeeeeeddd you!
Don't be shy guys, latin is not that 'gay' like what you people thinks.
Well... i am looking for a guy partner as my partner had just left me. :(
Yupps. Then your dance partner will be me! Me, me, me, me, & meeeeee!
Spread the news, people!
Guysssssss.... i sounded so desperate! LOL!

Anyway, i'll be learning Hip-hop with girlfriends!
Yay yay yay yay! Damn excited!
It is kind of stupid to tell people you don't know Hip-hop in this society.
& partly is to prepare for clubbing in future. HAHAHAHA!

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