31 March 2008


That was such an EMOTIONAL phone call.

I hope she's alright. & i bet he hates me to core.
Too bad, i don't fucking know him well too.

We got to be clear of what we are looking for.
If you girls think that is your decision, go ahead & be strong!
I don't wish to see any of my friends get hurt ya.
Girls, it's alright to let go & cry.
Perharps, we shall go out for a drink!

To J (1) : Darling, i know you are stressing on lots of problems now.
It's time to give some quality time for YOURSELF. Think about it, you took so much courage to
come this far. Is it worth to give up now? Go for him if you think he's the right one.
Not much time left for you to drag on. He's really very nice to you already.
It's really a saddening thing to see "him" getting that emo too. But true, "he" got to be a man ya!
Don't always think of the bad side & wanting to give up ok. You MUST change your attitude too.
I support you! I'll give up my night time waiting for your calls.
(Though i hate it when you start whining all over again.)
I'm always yours! Loves!

To J (2) : It's a blessing that you found out early. I'm glad that i did not chose to hide.
Yes, i know it hurts. But are you prepared for the 2nd time?
You knew he wasn't a good guy from the start.
Heed my advice, think throughly. You deserved a better one, seriously!

P/S: I'm feeling ain't no better. We've drifted- Can you feel it??
LiveJournal is now my listening ears!

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