10 March 2008

it show 2008

Had many many fun in IT SHOW!
It's a very great experience to me!
Saw many many friends, many many photographers, many many cute people,
many many net friends. Hahas.

1st day of IT Fair i was working for IPO roadshow,
so rushed down after work to take a look at the babes there!
& i think lady's luck was on me, Axioo booth last min need a model.
I happened to be there & got to know it first, so was there to model for
the rest of the days!
Must really thanks Jojo for this!

Day 1 when i'm not yet working at the show...
With Audrey & Amber & Jojo..

Was dining at Fin Seafood cafe...! I've got the privillege card, super cheap!

Janelle came to find me on my first day of work,
but too bad i knocked off before she's here... :/
It's ok lors, its the thoughts that counts. :)
So we went to dine at NYDC!

I'm actually this ugly ugly bitch!

Lots of snapping of pictures from photographers, passerbys & staffs.
Models are always the most slack & bimbotic job.
We got many many breaks, our jobscope was just to give out flyers,
& pose to snap pictures.
I don't have good brains like those promoters that can remember all the
details so well. Perharps my brain will burst after the 4th day. LOL!

Let's recall all the friends i saw working/shopping there...
Jojo, Gillian, Huirong, Stella, Jaymie, Fidelis, Jinman, (a pioneer guy),
Elson, Wei guang, (a singtel guy), Singtel Ben, Ben, Marilyn, Brenda,
Tiong Meng, uncle Zhixin, msn desmond, Jiayan, Jonathan, Audrey,
Amber, cousin Jasmine & not forgetting my booth's promoter Winson!

My legs are aching like nobody business on the 3inches heels lahs!!

Was warned by many models not to let this particular photographer
to take pictures of me, cos he's a well-known sicko or whatever.
Dumb enough, i still allowed him to have the chance to....
cos i really can't recognised who is who! I'm bad at faces. =(

This dress itself cos hundred over dollars. It's a designer dress!
With a little tiara on my head. So princessy!

Jojo the Toshiba babe, & Janice the Axioo princess!

The Yes93.3fm DeeJay- 'Mu Tong'

This is the Desmond that was on my msn. Met up at IT SHOW. LOL!

Am a princess princess princess princess......

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