30 March 2008

i... don't know where to start from

Where should i start blogging from??????
My days are spent soooo fucking fruitful!

Thursday- Hardcore shopping trip with Charlotte, Gillian & Joanne!
Friday- Freshair.sg event! Meetup with Baby's friends!
Saturday- Mahjong session with Gillian, Joanne & Baby!

Blogger is getting on my nerves nowadays!
I can only upload 2 pictures at a time when the maximum is 5.
Retarded asshole! Making my speed of blogging twice slower!
FYI, i took verrryyy long time to finish blogging a post. LOL!

Sad to say, i forgotten the details of amost all the outings.
I really have serious STM(short-term memory) i guess.
So i shouldn't have the habit to accumulate so much things to blog.
Cos' i will tend to forget what have took place.

Shopping trip!!

These are the 2 babes i went shopping with..!
& also Charlotte & her bf earlier on before Joanne came.

But the couple left after we played arcade's basketball together.
Damn fun! & i won! With a pathetic 114 for 2 rounds. :(
That shows we're damn lousy at aimings.

So Gill & i proceeded to Bugis street & started our shopping sprees!
I think she was the one buying the most items. LOL!
But the dresses really nice & cheap lahs! Very tempted to buy!

Joanne came & joined us halfway & we were shopping again.
Going out with Gillian babe is the right choice lors, especially Bugis street!
Cos' she will help you slash the prices to the max! Hahaha.
Aunty-gonna-be! (She'll kill me for this!)

Then, we headed to Siam kitchen to have dinner!
HAHA! We ordered exactly the same thing.
Just that i didn't want any soup, cos' i knew i definitely can't finish them all!

We went back to Bugis Street again after meal..
& total damage for my pocket is bout 80bucks..
It's not much but i still need to buy shoes & bag lors!

Headed home by cab as we are staying soooooo damn near each other lahs.
So good right?!
I had a fun fun day!

Quit-smoking campaign. www.freshair.sg !!!

It's a last min replacement. But job is super fun & slack!
Giving out Daisies to all ladies! & approx. 950 ladies in town got our flowers.
Having fun while earning money is the best thing on Earth!
& i'm working with these babes!




At first i was pretty scare that i'll be lonely or having trouble to mingle
with the babes.
But i was wrong! The girls are very nice & friendly people, & we get along
very well!

Lunch break....

Cheryl & mine! Same wallet!

We had a very very long break where we ended up bitching &
touching up makeup for very long time.

& finally back to 2nd shift of work. But the flowers wasn't here yet!
So we played 'Pepsi cola 123'.
LOL! Childish, you'll say.

Look at Huiyi! LOL!
Something happened too.. but better not say.
I'll be nice & help her save image! =)

Accompanied them & offer to free-labour as i'm too free!
Initially boyfriend said that he would come town to look for me after
my work. But he apparently didn't wake up until i called him lahs!
Lucky i got the girls to be with, if not i confirm flare up lors!

Went to shop for a while with the pretties & we cam-whored!

This is Amanda!

& this is Ruth! The girl i replaced.

Some candids & stupid faces of mine!

So i went Plaza Sing to meet Baby!
We always dated at PS or MS! Let's go somewhere else lahs B!

Pastamania after a long hungry day!

The guys went arcade to play after that.
& it seriously bored us girls to death lors.
Suppppeeerr Dupppperr Sians! Cos i never fancy arcade games.

Mahjong session!!!!

Went Gillian's house today with Baby & Joanne & we played Mahjong!
It's stress to play with pros cos' i really suck at it lahs.
I'm super lousy in it. Got to practice more! LOL!
Manage to win about 3bucks i think. Hahas.

Forgotten to take pictures lahs! Siansssss.
Pretties, let's go out again!

Went Timah to have dinner & then home sweet home..

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