12 March 2008

IPO bag attacked , zouk xperience

How will you guys react if you saw this.............

a bag lying in the middle of the pathway?!
Especially when it's the period when Mas Salamat was freed!
My booth is just merely 10 steps beside this bag.
Imagine it to be a bomb, i'll be the first to fly i think. :/

Many passerby then asked me & Amber about that suspicious-looking bag.
Making us more panic, & looking anxiously for the security guard.

HAHA. After some checkings, it was confirmed that inside was only some
jeans & tshirts.
But i think he is lame lors, he only checked the items on top, but NOT
thoroughly inside out. -.-
A bomb can be small & hidden what!

Scary encounter!

Some pictures from last week, my IPO event with Jojo, Amber & Jasmine!

The lovely-dovey! Soooo damn sweet lors!

Aha! Look what is she holding on her hand!

Jasmine & Janice =)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just one pathetic self-pic!


Zouk's underage party last night :)

It was a last min decision!

Went there with Jojo & her boyf, & of course me & my boyf!
Damn it, 1st clubbing experience is kind of turned off...
(notice i bolded the word '1st', cos' i'm always labelled a clubber cos' i've
got a clubber face!)

Hundreds & thousands were outside the club waiting for tics,
& inside is too packed to do anything lahs.
Saw a few friends there though. =)

Was practically grinding boyf, Jojo, & some other unlucky girls.
HAHAHAHA. No, that's not grind for last night.
My grinding very power de lors! xP

Come on', i'm turning 18 in 2&half months' time!
Then, no more underage parties!

Went Newton to eat & cabbed home at only 4plus in the morning.

Fun. I can see my future as a clubber. LOL!

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