26 March 2008

love love

Yippee! My phone is back to normal!
All i did was off the phone, took the batt & sim card out,
& threw it damn hard on the sofa a couple of times!
LOL. No choice liaos.
Throw also spoil, don't throw also spoil, try luck lors!
I did this to all my ex-phones whenever my phone is out of order.
Violence!!! :P

This was last week,
when i went to have my id photo taken & went MDIS for payment.
With super minimal makeup, & pinned up fringe, looking awfully ugly!
But hell, id photo don't need so pretty lahs.
In case someday i didn't make up & my pic doesn't resemble me how?
But TAMADE, i look damn matured, i don't know why either.
Janelle saw it, quit laughing lors!

Yesterday, did express french manicure!
Wasn't fab, but anything lah huh.
That manicurist cut my long long nails till this short!

Then i splurged on these. Never spend alot though.
Good bargains!
Blue-green cotton short, a yellow-black speg dress,
Bourjois's cheek blush, Couleur Inc's lipgloss, bra strip,
& a pair of faux lashes.


Things are not getting on the right way for me.
Events cancelled & lots of crop ups. Sian.
Haven't been working for the whole 1 week, eat & sleep & play till
late night is what i have been doing.
Anyone got events can intro?? I need income to survive!
Another 1 & half week before class commence. & that's the last week
i can earn as much as possible.

Wouldn't be able to work much for that 1 whole year.
However, i can foresee that i'll be getting no events.
Damn sadden! :(

Janelle beeped me while i was about to leave for love's house today.
Am i unlucky or what? I think we got telepathy(we always do)!
Well... it's raining, so i cabbed over to Shatec to pick her up &
we headed to Baby's.

A funny scene happened upon us reaching the house.
I was freaking dumb enough to go to the wrong block & phoned
Baby to complain about his staircase door not working.
(that was a condo secured door)
Hahas. Then, Janelle asked me for the unit number but still
we couldn't find the button.
Then, me too realised that that button was not the usual one i always
press. But still i didn't realised that we were at the wrong block!
How dumb can i be? When i've been there for 23658129 times!
*bang wall, slaps forehead*


Okok. Not long after we reached, we decided to go out & eat!
So we walk & walk & walk & finally reached a place where i've nv been to
with lots & lots of food. LOL!
I sounded so greedy!

Walked janelle to her bus stop after meal.
Oh ya, i gave her a goodbye kiss! HAHA!
[Be honoured Janelle, not everyone can get kisses from me lors! =X ]

*Smiles* =) =) =)

Love is going out with his friends again. This time without me. :(
Hahas. Is i don't want to go lahs.
Was wearing damn sloppy as i though going bf house only, didn't expect
to go out or what.
& Janice is that kind of girl that wouldn't go far if was wearing flip-flops!
I don't mind minimal makeup, but i'm very specific for clothings & shoes lors.

***Got a shopping date with pretty Gillian on Thurs!

Things on the shopping list....
~Stuffs for school
~Tote bag

Help! Gonna be broke soon!

*How come i only felt loved when i'm with you, but the feeling is gone after you left?
I don't like it like this! >.<*

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