03 March 2008


Love morning called me today! :) :)

First day of IPO event.
Work was as usual. Tiring & bored!
Jojo & I were super shag! Damn sleepy while working.
I slept for about 4 hours last night & get up at freaking 6am!
It rains again today. & it was soooooo cold!
Nearly freeze to death! Haha. Over exaggerated.

Would not be blogging that much this week due to busy schedules.
So just hang on with some of my faces ok?
Oh well.. Too bad for you, haters.

Ehh. Walao!
I'm like damn scare to go to work now lahs.
Cos' my workplace is at Raffles Place.
Nothing wrong about it. But Raffles Place is a very crowded place lors!
What if the stupid terrorist plant a bomb there???
I'll be gone! OohMyFuckingGod!
Polices, do your job & snab him quick lors!

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