23 March 2008

ohhh... i love night-outs

My handphone is giving me lots of problem.
I can't text-message as the 'space' button is not responding!
I don't mean not replying you people,so do call me instead k.
Still can sms me, for a lil note or info!
Will get this problem fixed asap!=)

Was supposed to go for an event last minute.
But but but...... i ended up meeting boyfriend & company,
that girl & a guy who claims to be ex-pss.

Nevertheless, it was a fun & long day.
Out with those guys will never go home early lehs.
I think i'm turning into a night owl too. LOL!

After some hardcore phone calls made, my handphone went bonkers!
Totally ki-siao lahs! Like the number, main menu, call list kept jumping
non-stop without me touching phone.

Well.. back to the topic.
We went Plaza Sing's Monsters to have some ice thingy that has
Durian(boy's favourite) & Mango. Yums!
I seriously got no idea what's the name of that dessert. Hahas.

Taken only after we eaten halfway.

Then, proceeded to Cathay for 'Step Up 2'! *thumbs up*
Okok, i know i outdated lahs huh.

Damn funny. Henry dozed off after the show started not long lahs!
What a waste lors!

Anway, we proceeded to Quality Hotel, & had a supper porridge buffet.
LOL! Having buffet at a weird timing of 11+pm?!
I didn't ate alot though i'm super full.
I'm always well-known as 'survivor' of buffets! Cos' i'll eat like nobody's
business until i'm super bloated then will be satisfied. LOL!
I've got no image whenever i had buffet. How sad. =(

Food was all servedby boyfriend & the guys.
My job is to just eat. Muahahahaha.
Boyfriend is uber sweet lahs! I love u!

Saw that Green car behind??
Yupps yupps. We all travelled by that cool greeny!

After supper, we headed to Terminal 3!
HAHAHA. Funny i know.
Boyfriend suggested that though!

'Natural' lighting...
How natural can it be ya. I didn't edit it all all!

So you think after T3 where else can we go at the weird timing of
1am right?!

Changi Beach!
Ohhh... & we saw many 'Ah Gua' ! LOL!

There romantic mehs?
Walao. The aeroplane is so fucking near flying above our heads lahs.
Imagine once the 'feel' is there then you got shocked by the thundering
loud irriting ass flying above your head.
Spoil mood liao lors! Hahas.

After some chit chatting at the beach...
you think we are heading back home???

The next destination was East Coast Park!
No link at all. Beach after beach in the wee hours. LOL.
Anyway, we were just sitting at the Mcdonald.
We got quite entertained by this couple inside the Mac.
They were there hanky-panky lahs!
In the public & in East Coast Park's Mcdonald some more!

Well.... that was our last destination!
HAHA. Finally!
& i reached home only at freaking 5am!
That was the latest ever i reached home. & of cos' mum nagged at me.
That's for sure lors!


Settled some probs for emo Janelle, & hopes she's better now.
I'm kinda surprised for what i've told her too.
LOL. Janice have grown up!
No longer that little girl anyway! =)

Got to go, people!
I miss my love for just not seeing him for 1 day.

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