14 March 2008

the random post

Sorry, this post will be full of random pictures...

I seriously hate the rains lors!!!
Meetup with Jojo to collect our pay at Raffles Place.
That bitch is addictive!

After that i got no plans, & darling Janelle calls up on time.
So went to meet her & we had Cafe Cartel!

I really got no idea which cell to buy lors.
Any recommendations??
Maybe i'd buy the same hp as Janelle. HAHA!
I'm a copycat... whatever!

After meal, we went to fool around in Daiso.
Fucking hilarious i tell you, laugh till we drop!

It's nice to catch up with one another. Never-ending chats ya. :)
She's such a sweetie to accompany me to wait for my parents to reach.
Made her waited till 6pm & she doesn't even nag. (Which usually she will.)

Girlfriends are still the best! Boyfriends lousy lahs!
I love JanelleTanJieYing!

I trimmed my hair today, at some ulu ulu salon at Jurong East.
But don't judge the book by it's cover, the service & their hairstylist
is very good!

I trimmed my hair at only 8bucks!

IT SHOW. Credits to Shawn, the photographer!
*thunbs up* I love the pictures!

With one of the promoter at my booth.
Leng Zai huh! =)

ROMP3 @ Zouk.

A super high night without any alcohol. =)


Don't be surprised by the ugly me,
makeup melts like what after squeezing n sweating at the entrance
& dancefloor. :( :(

Jasonz & Jojo!

Boyf & me!

Look!!!! She took my kisses away!
All Baby's fault, look at his hand!

God damn it! She looked so reluctant while i looked so passionate!

The glutton after club...
Looking damn happy to eat lahs!

I still have alot alot of photos not collected!
Can anyone that have my pics send them to me!

I've got my schedule for my course already.
Kind of slack i can say. Yippee!
Next problem is my payment. Deadline is drawing near & i still haven't
pay out. Boos!

It's another girlfriends day i guess, got to get prepared now!

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