18 March 2008

singtel redpac, daddy's girl

I've got no idea why the hell i'll blog today.

Alrights. The things i wanna post about is really very random.
This blog of mine is no longer that interesting anymore. :( :( :(
But i'm still glad there's still a handful of readers passing-by.
Bear with me alrights, dearies!

Last weekend was spent working for a Singtel event.
I am replacing Jojo, i supposed..?
& yeahs, the in-charge asked me to help him find a couple more of people to work.
So intro-ed it to some of my friends. =)

I simply don't entertain those underage girls trying to get events from me,
& complaint that the pay is little!
It's ok if you reject & telling me you felt under paid, but start lecturing me
for cutting all the commisions [WHICH I NEVER EVEN DO THAT],
& telling me off for intro-ing only those lousy flyer-girls job.
Get kind of pissed sometimes talking to them.
Come on lahs, you're just a random girl with NO experience at all & you're
expecting double digit pay? Every model/event girls starts from small.
Don't think too much ya, have a proper profile, know what is the event line
is about before telling me what to do. =/

Well.. i know if i blog about this, some would think that why i didn't
intro to them instead.
Sorry to the girls/models i knew, i don't mean to be that selfish by not
calling you girls instead lors.
This event is quite wide spread & i'm sure if you girls are interested,
you all already will get involved in it.
Furthermore, the pay isn't attractive at all. :(
It's very difficult to intro sometimes, when it's situations like last minute
replacements, or only need 1 girl, kind of stuffs.
Hope you guys will understand lahs!

It was the Singtel's RedPac event!
On going since 3 weekends ago. I think most 'town kids' will know
about this.

Jobscope is to give out flyers, hold the lollipop banner, pump balloons
& give out balloons(my job)!

Work was dreadful as you'll get bored of your job after doing the same thing
for 7 hours.
But still, we slacked! Hahas.

Cos' my Day 1 of work was the next day of my pubbing night.
Not much of hangovers, but still, will feel lethargic lahs.
Day 2 was supposed to have a TFCD shoot in the morning before proceeding
to work, but due to some thing happened very last minute. It was cancelled!
I'm like totally pissed for waking up at fucking 7am getting myself prepared
& plan was cancelled.
Thus, my mood totally not there when working.
Tradegy happens again, Mum was supposed to bring me my dance shoe but
in the end she got me jacket, leggings but NOT SHOES!
Seriously, not my day!

Well... my colleagues are Jasmine & her bf Leslie, Michelle & her bf Smith,
Hui Ping & Rong Wen.
Correct, 2 couples in my team!
I can't imagine if Jinman wasn't there to chat with me when we are
waiting for the rain to subsidise.
I think i'll freeze to death by the cool winds & the mushy cuddles in front
of me.
The feeling is not good! Me don't like lors! LOL!

My tea breaks for the 2 days.

The Soup Spoon's Mushroom soup.
(It looks like some oreo cream to me. Hahas.)

Delifrance-d alone.. Super emo i tell you!
It's like the whole restuarant's waiters & waitresses kept giving me
weird glares like i'm nuts or something -.-
Ehh... loner got money to eat cannot arhs?! LOL!

I never likes minestrone soup for once,
but it happens to be soup of the day. =(
Spoil mood. But i finished it in the end! How amazing i don't find it
disgusting anymore!

Dad didn't went to work today.
Cos' i was down with on & off fever & the always running nose,
so he was to take good care of me today.
How sweet! :)

However, we went to Lavendar to renew passport instead.

Look! I find this kind of funny!
Or it is supposed to be 'apples online' ? HAHA!

I suggested we go home after that, but Dad insist on going shopping with
me. I'm so shocked for a moment. LOL.
Daddy is much much better then a boyfriend. xP
Get the hint, baby??!!

We went Bugis then. & someone in my friendster told me he saw me.
Damn paiseh. Cos i only had eyeliner & mascara, & was wearing a flip-flop.

Okok. Mum used my Viwawa account to play!
Thanks to her, i'm level 5 now. :)

Got myself some stationaries to get prepared for school.
My time-table for the month.
Excited can!!!!

Tomorrow shall be a boyfriend day.
It's un-countable days since we last met already.
But since he got his precious '2nd wife' now, he don't need me anymore.
Oh well... what the hell got into me for getting jealous over a bike??
HAHA. But you see, bike is dangerous, bike is super thrilling,
Dump it lahs! ME or BIKE?? Choose only 1!
I'm sucha demanding old women!

Got to go people,
clicked on this before you closed this window!

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