01 March 2008


This was a couple of days ago....

I went out with Boyfriend's guy friends.
We had Seoul Garden for dinner, then headed to Fullerton wanted
to go to a pub but was to no avail.
So we proceeded to Arab St.... to Shisha!!!
SHISHA ehhh! Hahas.
It was my first time smoking lors!
The ever virgin time & it was Baby who teaches me how to smoke Shisha.
Hahas. Come on lahs, Shisha wasn't that bad compared to real tobacco lors.
It was Shisha, not Cigarettes!

I'm just back from an easy 3 hours job.
Giving out advertising tissues for MDIS at Suntec. My future school!
HAHA. That bunch of guys are lame shits lahs.
I didn't mingle with them though normally i would.
Wasn't in that kind of mood.

Guess what?? My mum actually calls me while i'm on my way
home telling me that she's going to get me a new handphone later on.
Yay! I'm like so shocked lors! But i guess i have to pay for it myself again.
Nvm. At least i'll have new hp!
Damn happy! My mood meter suddenly shoot up!!!

The super nice photographer Nelson, sent me 2 of my pictures last night.
:) :)

Till then, byes!

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