11 March 2008


Nowadays http://www.viwawa.com/ is an IN thing to most teenagers.
HAHA! I'm a noob for all online games lors, but got 'hooked' by it a day ago.
Only at level 3 now :( :(
I can be found in Big2.5 & Wahjong(mahjong)...
People who plays Viwawa do add me as friend ok!
I'm known as janicejanice =)

I'm very very free for the next 3 week before my class commence!
Super excited now! Got to make payment soon soon!
I wonder who will be my new classmates, how are the people going to
be like, will they be friend with me, is the course very stressful,
are the lecturers there kind... WILL I BE ABLE TO WORK FOR EVENTS
AGAIN... blahs blahs..
LOL! Think too much aleady, perhaps.

Now, the main problem is... I'm financially DOWN for my course fees!
Pay was dragged & dragged so i'll be there stressing for money everyday.
How great would it be if i can find a bagful of cash out of my door
early in the morning! xD

Boring. I've got no dates(i rejected most of the dates actually)
no shoots & no events (totally NO!).
Rot rot rot...
Come on' i feel so empty lahs!


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