13 April 2008

advert, tags replies

This is a super late advertorial for Shirley babe!
Sorry babe, i was too busy to online. :(

My friend, Shirley, is doing a Zipia Spree for all girls out there!
Hey pretties, all the apparels comes straight for US!!
Quick, do click on
http://thsweetheart.blogspot.com for more info!

Do support her! Email in your orders now!


Miss me???

200+ number of overdued pictures in my folder waiting to be uploaded!
I think i'll prolly need days & week to finish them.

Its has been quite awhile since i last reply tags.
I know there's some commotion going about in my tagboard.
Million thanks to those who tried to help out.
But still, ignore idoits lahs. No point acting like a tard like them.


valerie: u mother fucker
REPLY: Ohhhh. Thanks uh!

lol: thats exactly NOT what hes trying to say. oh man.
REPLY: Whatever is it ok. Stop it can. Thanks.

:): hey.. im a girl in BMC now. too bad u r not there aldy.
can i ask if ur eyes are naturally big? or how is it ur makeup skill?
did u use mask too?
REPLY: HAHA! i 'graduated' eh. Erms.. i've got single eyelid.
But i think my eyes look slightly bigger that usual single eyelid peeps.
Eye makeup is very important too. I prefer using liquid eyeliner, fake
lashes & lenses cos' it brings my eyes larger 2x! I do mask, but only
once a month? LMAO :)

cherylhee: to LOL you dont get what i mean either do you?
then are you capable? hes talking facts in life but the fact is
janice wont give a damn to what he says, his words only cause
awkwardness to herself and that of others who read her blog.
he said he doesnt know her and wont JUDGE her, but the thing
is him writing all these goes to show HES ALREADY JUDGING
HER.get it?
REPLY: Chill chill! Babe, no point talking reasons with these
people. It's ok, i'm not bothered by it, in fact laughing my ass out
whenever i check my tagboard. =)

valerie: yea, it's really damn bored in class pls. monday we take
pics alrigt ? (=
REPLY: Yaaaa. We go make more friends. Hahas. Okok! I bring
digi cam! :P

YELRIHS: Support my ZIPIA spree, and do advert for me okay.
Thanks prett-aye~
REPLY: Hey babe! Okies can. =)

Bokehman: Nice working with you! Added your link.
Do link me up! Cheers!
REPLY: Yes yes, me too yeahs! You did a great shoot! HAHA.
Okies sure, will link ya!

poke: wad age and above then can go balcony? and whats ur
blog song
REPLY: Should be 18 & above? But it doesn't check id, so just
dress more matured should be ok.
'Qing Ai De Na Bu Shi Ai Qing' - Angela Zhang

cheryl: hello! nice shoots! (:
REPLY: hihi! thx girl! u're so sweet.

lene: you are going to studying in mdis?
REPLY: Yupps yupps. In mdis now. :)

lol: i don't think our miss cheryl here understands what on earth
mr happy is saying.. Hmmm.. Do not defend others when you're not
capable of doing so
REPLY: hi lol. It got nothing to do with you btw.

cherylhee: ma happy, glad you know youre an idiot (: whats wrong
with learning dancing to prepare for dancing, if you dont learn how
you dance? you gotta learn everything my boy anyways, hellos dear!
misses!and nice shoots (: cheers.
REPLY: hey dear.. thanks for helping out, but these people just seeking
attention. They love stumbling on people's life acting they know what
actually it was. Eh babe, miss u too lors! Wonder when shall we meet
up again...?

pris: love reading your blog with a nice song (:
REPLY: Girl.. thanks lots! Yeahs!

Mr Happy.. : dont know u.. so i wont judge u.. i never read your
blog neither.. jus happened to stumble on it.. so i really dont wanna
be rude.. but sry girl.. i dont care how u look or wad u do.. but.. your
idea of a "fruitfull" way to spend your days jus cracks me up so badly...
damn girl.. there's a lot more to life than lookin gd and hangi out..
and "leaning dancing to prepare for future clubbing" wow.. i really dont
know if i ever heard anything more stupid than tt.. maybe u would like
to defend yourself.. but dont bother.. cause i wont be reading your
reply.. u can treat me like an total idiot.. but u noe wad...
apparently there're lots.. LOTS of idiots out there who would say
the same things to u.. then again.. if ya happy of the way u r... whatever
tt floats ur boat girl .

REPLY: Hey Mr Happy, thanks for your comment.
However, there's something i wanna clarify. Maybe you would think
I AM defending myself, but this is for your info.
Well, everyone have different perspection to leading a "fruitful" life.
Whether is it sleeping, shopping, eating, shitting, ....... as long as you find it
enjoyable & happy with it, i don't see anything wrong. So what if i love
hanging out all day, or love looking good. I feel proud of it, you know why?
ABILITY TO LOOK GOOD. Jealous?? LOL! Come on' , i know
"learning dancing to prepare for
future clubbing" may sounds a lil dumb.
But hell, that is also one of the reason
to learning Hip Hop.
Of cos' learning all kinds of dance is my interest too. I
dare to say that
i'm a dancer, having 9fucking years of dance experiences!
This maybe no link, but whatever, i'm just being pround again.
Hahahaha. People can laugh all they like at me.
You think i would bloody care bout it? I've much more things to do ya.
Thanks idiot, for having spent the few minutes trying to bring my
down in your few sentences, & yeahs, i am damn satisfied
with my life now.
Don't you want to be like me too? :P You claimed that
you will not see here
again but still i took the time to reply here.
Who knows you might be hiding
behind your pathetic screen hitting
on my page everyday. ^^

valerie: indeed! (: seeya this mon outside sch k. (=
REPLY: yaaa. =))

WX: Hey love! (: Link me yea? Hehe. I think you've got the wrong meaning.
I'm retking O lvl, btw. (:
REPLY: Erms. Then u're which wenxin? LOL. Not the BMC one?


Fuck Fuck Fuck!
It's difficult to make choices!
Worst, i loovvee to avoid from problems.

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