01 April 2008

kills the emo monster inside me..

Can i shout something out loud???


That lovely of mine is always a call away from me...

We catched Sky of Love together!
I know this is bloody ancient! Hahas. But we emo babies just wanted something
to cry out loud!
It was a super last minute decision & we got to rush to prepare &
get our ass there within 1 hr 15mins!
Tell me power or not?!

As usual i'll cab over to pick her up.
See me without much makeup! Super hideous lors!
Look freaking young though. LOL!

:( :( It's a super sad movie!
Janelle cried halfway thru the movie, while i am busy narating the story to her.
I watched it halfway at home lahs. Hahas.
I cried towards the last half hour though. Touching enough for me to cry!
Cos' i don't usually cry for shows or movie, its dumb lors!

Okies, we headed to our usual hangout!

We're in super lousy mood!
This emo!

Hawaiian Pizza, Long Island Iced Tea & Sex On The Beach!

We went on snapping pictures not long after!

**If you hates me so much, don't bother scrolling down. Thanks!**

Drink drink..

This is my lovely!

The Duet!

I love this pic.. got the 'Dao' feel! LOL!

Arrrggghhh... the wind!

I was telling Janelle, "Put my captions, 'time for hair dye lahs!'".

In the toilet...

Headed to Cine for awhile to meet Jeff & off we go home sweet home!

Damn this 'square' face! Super cartoon-ed!

Hey! Nobody tricked me nor i tricked people in this April's Fool lors!

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