21 April 2008

my com broke down on me.. once again

Updates updates!

Boyfriend & I got the same handphone! HAHAHAHAHA!

Friends, i've got number retention.
Meaning using a new number to reply you guys & call out,
but still contactable thru my old number yeahs!

My pc broke down!
It will happen at least once every year.
This is truly a very saddening news.
I'm really really really sad sad sad sad sad by it!
Fuck life, seriously.

Well, i guess i knew the reason behind the dead com.
My mum have been playing viwawa(using my acc) for weeks.
& most of the time she will just switch 'off' the main switch instead of
shutting down the pc.
She doesn't know how to shut down computers lahs, but not as
if i'm selfish & never help to shut down the com lors.
I waited everynight for her till fucking 2am couldn't tolerate
anymore & went to sleep.
FYI, she only stops at at least 3am. Wth -.-

Third or Fourth day of school!
Valerie, Arvin, Janice, Vivian, Mala.

Me & my qing ai de Valerie!
I look damn act cute here! WTF!

In school's washroom.
JiaYi, JiaHui, Valerie, Janice

Programmes have been filling in all day.
I don't even have some quality time for myself to be alone.
Wakes up at 7.10am & sleeps at early 10pm everyday!
No dread on going school cos' ... I loooovvveee my classmates!
Hees :)

Been spending quite a couple of minutes choosing my outfit for school
before sleeping.
I don't have much decent school attire lahs! Sians.

I've got project assignments & there my com pronounced dead.
What a timing!
I wonder when can i get to online again. :( :( :(

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