30 April 2008

poor ass, janice

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Janelle: PRECIOUSSS!!!!! u dont know how much i miss u, seriously. (((:
REPLY: me too lors! sorry love but i'm super busy nowadays. all i did
was study, project, & sleep. don't have the time to do anything else.
2 more weeks to my hols, wait for me yeahs!

jack: hi!janice is me jack here are you in
REPLY: yaaa. :)

Inline fashion: Inline fashion, here we have the POP season’s special of elastic
vintage belts, selling price at 1 for $8, SO hurry GET yours now!
REPLY: Thanks!

pris: so shocked to see u ytd ! (:
REPLY: yeahs babe! i happened to se u so went up to call u. LOL.

jojo: copycat!!! me & jasonz oso gt e same hp! haha! :] lalala~
REPLY: HAHAHA. yeahs. cool uh!

XiiaoQiing: hehe .. jie i change my blog veri long le lo .. haha relinked!!!
REPLY: hey girl.. HAHA! i knew u changed blog link but i don't
have the updated one. okok :)

Weng Cheong: MISS U DEAR!!!
REPLY: *smack butt* misses :)

This was 2 days ago. Went mugging hard with my classmates at Lido.
We took up at least 4 tables there lahs. LOL!

Some pictures taken during one of the workshop last week.

Finally, it's over!!!!

Presentation was fine i guessed? Except for some parts where i'm quite
losted in my own script. (which looks kind of stupid)

Vivian & Me

JiaHui, Vivian, Janice. *erhem*

Dear Val & Me

My fringe sucks now. Should i remain the style or cut bangs??
I got the urge to cut it bangs though.

Anyway, i nearly broke down in the small dot of Singapore today.
Janice is penniless.

The whole story went like this:

I woke up late this morning despite me having presentation today.
So i took a longer time do up my make up, thus, i got prepared later then
my usual time. Saw a 10dollar note on my table, grabbed it & decided to take
a cab then.
Happily, i hopped onto a cab below my flat. Hell, i was still happily thinking to
myself that "Wooots! My 1st time cabbing to school, & its definitely cool not
needed to squeezed in a super packed public transport!"

Then, i nearly let out a scream. I didn't brought my wallet out lahs!!!!
Quickly asked the uncle to drive me till the nearest mrt station, gave him the
10dollar note & got a $2.40 change.
Guess where i alighted at??? Fucking LAKESIDE when i'm staying at Jurong!
$7.60 from Boon Lay to Lakeside is a bit too much i think. I can reach Bf's house
at 8bucks already lors!
Nvm. I was still consoling myself that maybe i should just take a train to
school. Being late is ok, at least i must be present for my presentation.
To my horror, the train fare to Queenstown is freaking $2.50!
& i only have $2.40 with me! @#$%^&€^&*!(@#$%&*)!
I lack of 10cents lahs! Pathetic 10cents! Like WTF!
The only people i could think of is mummy, bf, janelle, & my classmates!
Mum just woke up & she'll take forever to get out of the house to come
for my rescue. Bf got a bike, but i don't know what the hell he's doing at
awkward 8am. I was wearing mini skirt with piles of books on my hand.
So i forgets that idea. Next was Janelle, yes yes, i don't know why too.
But remembering she stays at the red line area, & she might be in school.
So, nahs.

Decided to call Vivian, my savior, for help. Didn't expect them to be near
school cos they usually don't reached so early. Phoned her & luckily
she was with Weili & agrees to pay for my cab fare first!
Hops onto the 2nd cab & headed school! Thanks babe!
Cab fares for today will be 7.60+15= $22.60!!!

Had my lunch at $2.30 & i'm down with only 10cents as my assets.
This is damn pathetic. Was waiting impatiently for Mummy to bring me
my wallet to school. HAHA LOL LMAO ROFL!

Projects & exams are driving me crazy.
2 more weeks before exams & i'm like still preparing myself for it.
I must do well!!! Received my next sem's time-table already.

People are wearing a mask around in school. I don't know who to talk to now.
You want to play with me, i'll entertain you. :)


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