25 April 2008

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24 Apr 08, 05:09 PM
hello!: hi there! i think you should sign up for the singtel grid girls contest!

REPLY: hiii! i'll take a look at it. :) thanks!

23 Apr 08, 10:46 PM
valerie: HEY BAOBEI! heheh (:

REPLY: yes yes, my qing ai de!

23 Apr 08, 01:31 PM
pris: i like yer phone, i planning to get the silver one la !

REPLY: HAHA! really? yeahs, the silver one is chio! But bf issist on black. LOL!

22 Apr 08, 06:33 PM
Zhuen: Halo! Linked up done my pretty classmate XD

REPLY: Yupps. I've linked ya too,babe! Seeya on Mon .:)

22 Apr 08, 12:05 AM
Ogus: Wah Smart larhs... Ask me link u den u nv link me at all.. LOL!
And I think getting from skinnier to skinniest liaox.. xD How's life gal?

REPLY: ... LOL! i always thought i've linked you! :P Nahs. I did grew more
meat already ok! Life still not bad, i guess. Hees!xD

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