10 April 2008

school bores

I love these few pics!
We look sooooooo adorable arhs!
Thanks, Paul!

What the hell is this!

Ugly ugly hair flying shoot! I look damn awkward!

Pardon me for the lacking of updates.
My blog is really dying soon.

Bumping onto Fidelis in school for these first few days.
More to come yeahs. Hahas.

School & sleep have be occupying my day.
I sounded so hardworking yeahs. But true, i don't get to online more then
2hours this whole week. LOL.

My class has 106 students lahs! It's a fucking fucking huge class!
Everyday machiam studying in a lecture hall.
But hell, i've made only a handful of friends. Bout 10 or so?

I've been telling all my friends around,
"If everyone is my friend, i'll have 106 friends! Yay!"
Oh ya, my class have a 'paul two hill' & 'mas selamat'.
They really really resemble them lors.
I gave them the nick & some went like LMAO, ROFL, LOL!

My module for this sem is soooooo dry & dead, How to survive on!
Worst, I've never ever touch Accounts & Finance in my life.
I've got presentations & presentations coming on.
Super busy eh!
Hanging on.
Sigh! Life is so boring. :(
I missed those times!

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