24 April 2008

school, 4v3 gathering & pubbing

Yes, my blog is coating with layers & layers of webs soon..
& am currently blogging via boyfriend's lappy :)

Grabbed some pictures on ex-4V3 gathering & pubbing with kakis!
It was a Saturday, & i had to attend school for a long long hours workshop.
It's pretty lame cos i learnt nothing, but camwhoring & dozing off.
My classmates & i were like super hungry & decided to order pizza!
Thus, we ran out of the lecturer theatre halfway. LOL!

We then went town for pool session. Watching the guys play pools
seriously bores me to death -.-
Met Angelynn & headed to meet Janelle & the rest of the peeps.
Had our fillings at Sakura!

The forever camwhorers, Janelle & Janice

Janelle,Angelynn, Nelly,Janice

The irritating joker in our class, Keiji

No no no! I wasn't flirting! *bites lips*

Group shoots!

We went drinking after that. Finished up our bottle Chivas!
Janelle & I then went over to her 'brother' birthday celebration & bottoms up
one cup each with him.
He is damn high & red can!

Done! :)

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