21 May 2008

4 more days to 18th birthday

So that's the Infra-Red effect using a IR camera.
It's not the black & white kind uh.
Try taking pics using that, it wouldn't be the same.

Haven't received any of my pictures yet.. Grrrr...
I'm very impatient lors.. Can't wait!!

Went for a casting shoot yesterday, & off i went to :)'s house.
Guess what, Janice is learning Dota!
How crazy can i get right? Yeahs. No wonder :) started saying me crazy.
& i don't know what the hack we're doing,
which i ended up watching tv at his house till 12am!
When i got back home, parents was already asleep. Madness!

A week of holiday just flew passed like that,
with the accompany of stupid menses!
The hurting cramps + tiredness = bad mood & lousy temper!
Spoilt the whole meaning of 'h-o-l-i-d-a-y'.

Will be attending a game booth at Plaza Sing tomorrow.
Do drop by if you happens to be at town ya!
Hoping for a windy day tomorrow >.< size="4">4 more days to my 18th Birthday!
25 May 2008
The day when i'm legal to do most of the things!
It is a Sunday, baby! Date me date me!

Tag replies:

Sarina: yeah eyeliner hlp alot! but i cant wear eyelashes! =(
REPLY: HAHA! We just met each other just now, while i'm having
my manicure. LOL! Your real lashes not very short too mahs.
My real ones is tiny little few strands only eh!

val: hey love, i miss you eh! it has been a week or so snce i've meet you! (:
it's time to come out and slack ? hohoho.
REPLY: Me too, girl! I was about to text you you know! hahas.
You'll be leaving Sg soon! How to meet?? =(

xia0xue: i like those pic with the greyish tone, blue hair pics! you look like
you jumped out from an anime. hahah darn cute xD
REPLY: Thanks babe! LOL! Yeahs! Nice effects uh!
Very fantasy i know. I love them too! =)

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