14 May 2008

Momo day at St. James

95.8FM Mother's Day event at St. James with Family!

Fake lashes glue went into my eyes & thus irritates my eyes!
I love my lower lashes, it's way longer then my upper lashes lors. LOL!
[Sorry if this pic freaks you out :/]

Our tickets to the event.
I got in through the 18 & above's ticket!

My Dad volunteered to 'perform' the correct way of pouring beer!
HAHA! Look at all the pics i snapped! Funny funny!

All are entitled to one glass of chilled beer. Super fresh ones eh!

From left to right: Mama, Papa, Me!
Hopes i don't get beer belly after this! :P

The event at powerhouse..

Buffet, which i think its bloody pathetic to eat this kinda buffet
during big day -..-

Scare you! HAHA!

The 4D video which requires you to wear the special glasses to see the effect..

Some random pictures!

I truly agree that i have fat legs! Like a serious fat & mascular ones!
I've got slim thigh but fat legs.. Ugly, understand?!

That's how i spent my mother's day! =)

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