30 May 2008

Events updates!

All updates of the events i did!

Last last Thursday did a super slack event.
I'm almost bored to death there, almost.
We've got nothing to do, till we don't even have to change to the uniform!
Pay us there to waste our youth. Got paid on the spot too! LOL!
How cool could that be!

Me , Wendy , Shanny

"Bang! Bang!"

The game booth which nobody plays! -.-

Gaming event on last last Friday & last monday.
Working with Gillian, Eileen & Aden. We were dressup in those olden days chinese
costume & look somehow like those Cosplay girl. Very cute uh!
I'm having fun more then working!
We're paid to give out some freebies, take pictures with the players &
I love this kinda jobs! :)

'Mo Siang' is the cheena-pok game where you need to kill all the monster to
accumulate points & money to next level.

I kinda like my costume, cos' its the most fitting one for me & brings out a little
sexy & cute!

With Aden aka Tingting ....... & Eileen pretty!

Gillian babe!

I accidentally spilled the whole half a cup of Watermelon juice in the lecturer theatre!
I was like so OMG embarassed lors! Lucky the lecturer didn't scold me for that.

Went to work for the gaming event again after school.
This time round is to trial this new soccer game, "Kicks online".
Fun, but a little difficult to control sometimes.

Group pictures with all the young bosses/inventor of various online games!

Was working with Gillian, Miyo & Eileen(forgot to take pics with her!)!

The funny funny girls!

Went to work as Carlsberg Ambassador on Friday night.
At first i was still having some doubts on whether i need to drink or serve
the customers or not, but we just need to ask around & promote.
Another super slack day. Was in the toilet half of the time.

My partner, Huibing!

Jo and Esther!

Some camwhoring!

Who says beer ambassador wears very skimpy.
My dress is a few cm above knee length. LOL!
Maybe because i'm short, that's why.

Esther's funny pose!
The 2 girls were blood sister! They don't look alike at all can!

Towards the end of work we went into a Thai pub.
& one guy, i think it was the boss or something treated all of us drink.
Another customer wanted to treat us drink too.
We drank a cocktail named "Shirley temple" or what. Funny name but nice drink!

Darling boy was a sweetie pie to send me home that night. HAHA!

Okies. Done with the updates!
I'll reply tags soon eh! :)

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