10 May 2008

i wanna cut bangs

Hello all!

Study at JE library today with Wieli & Valerie..
Nerdy me in Shirley's(Val's friend) spec..

We were playing with the cam effect.
LOL! We got 'Da Xiao Yan', one big one small eyes!

Went to collect my overdued pay together with them.
Waiting for more overdued pay to come. Like seriously overdued lahs!


Damn it! Why those info just don't get into my brain??
2 more days to my Communicating Skill's paper & i'm still struggling!
Not as if i never study. Why am i so dumb??!!

& Accountings and Finances sucks big time too!

~I'm tagging along with Mummy to her hairstylist

tomorrow morning!

Might do a different hairstyle for myself! I need a change!!!

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