03 May 2008

i need some fun, pls

Parents at home = stay at home.
Parents every sat & sun at home = NO LIFE!

I woke up at early 9 today. It has been a habit for me. :)
Went to have Mcdonald breakfast with mummy & do some market-ing.
HAHA! Sms sms, eat eat, online online & STUDY STUDY. :)

Fooling around with my lappy's webcam...
BARE FACE(with nothing on) plus pyjamas tshirt.

Looks kind of kuku. Please don't laugh uh!!!

Yayaya. Now everyone knows my surname is 'Wu', Goh.
Anyone got events for meeeee? Life is so empty without working.

& things aren't going well in my r/s.
I know you feel it too. & i know there's so much you wanna complaint about me.
It's just that we both are trying to avoid it.
We just don't wanna face the outcome.
I'm tired of this r/s. Till i don't even have the teeny-weeny motivation to
pick up the calls, not to say, to reply nicely.
I don't see any future in it now.
Is this love? Love shouldn't be like this!

Sorry readers (if ever i have any), everyday is sucha boring day for me.
There's hardly any chance i could be as crazy like the past.
Bahs. Smile! :D :D :D

I think i love you no more. Really.
I'm suffering, you know?

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