09 May 2008

more picturesss!

Many many pictures ahead! :) :) :)

Study out at Lido with the guys.


Guys got lousy self-pic skill! There's always one person missing from the

Meetup with Janelle for an event briefing after that. =)

You snapped me i snapped you!

Lecturing theatre again!
I kind of hate it cos' i will tend to do something else then listening to my lecturer.
In the end waste my time there. -.-

Pretty Arvin!

St James in the evening!


Janelle janelle janelle...

Ladies in the ladies!

This babe is Samantha!

& this babe is Kennie!

Trying to squeeze into the picture...

Okies. That all the photos accumulated in my lappy.
Goodnights to all!

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