07 May 2008

st james's singel event

I can get pictures uploaded lors! I've got truckloads to share!

I woke up only when Wieli texted me. It was freaking late!
I think he thought i'll get prepare very fast.
We had long john together before going to school!
Next time shall be my treat ok! Hahas.
Went to meet Val to train together & walked to school with Vivien.
Ended up late for lecture.Was practically repeating my story again & again.
Never pay attention to that old freak lors.
Val & me left slightly earlier & proceeded to our workplace.

St James is pretty!
LOL. Pardon me for being such a kuku.
I never club before can! Just came back from my private event.
Easy bimbotic job eh. HAHA. Met many many big bosses.
Drunkards & perverts oogling at girls.
Made 2 new friends from my booth & LG's model.
I love to set my eyes at pretty girls! ;)
It was damn cold inside till we are shivering when mingling.
Like fucking cold plus hungry. So we had 2 servings each for our buffet.
Hahas. Skinny girls tend to eat like pig!
Janelle's mum drove me to JE's train station & i went home from there.

Replies to tags:

Sarina: U studying at shatac or u studying private sch?
REPLY: Not shatec. I'm in MDIS now. A private school. :]

dinoisloved: hi visit this website for pretty clothes and bags

val: my dear girl, smile alright! dun worry, you did ur best alrdy. (:
move on bah, since wat done has alrdy been done. dun have to regret too!
you deserve a better one. (: loves.
haha! yup yup. heheh (: i love you & i'm gonna see you in like 12 hrs more? lol.
REPLY: HAHA! Yes babe. I'm moving on quite well. >.<>

jw: oh ic ... no wonder u look so familier.. wat course ?
REPLY: Really..? U're from MDIS too?? I'm in Business Management. :)

Shelia: Hey my dearest girl...r/s r always like that. It's normal, so dun take
it too hard k? Just smile & follow yr heart, eventually it'll bring you to the
right outcome. Hugs & kisses...you're loved!
REPLY: Hi, my dance partner! Ya lors. BGR is the most troublesome thing
in life. LOL. I'll keep your words in mind ya. Anyway, helped you ordered
your lens already. :] *huggies*

Bebexiaotan.: Girl, link me. (:
REPLY: Okok, sure sweets!

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