23 May 2008

the weirdest hook-up experience

Black & white. It's all past.
Everthing wouldn't be the same anymore.
I'll let go.

I look tamade awkard, with the tamade fringe in this picture.
I know, ugly duckling will never be a swan!

Made a few pretty friends at the kiddy kiddy, energy saving event today!
Happy happy! Yeahs. Most of my friends know i like to oogle at pretty girls.
No joke. LOL!
We got NOTHING to do for the whole day lors. Nothing.
Lucky i got the chatty girls with me . Adding on to the happiness was pay
on the spot!

An caucasian(or a look-alike) hook up on me today while i'm on the way home!
Everything started like this...

Me: *sitting 3 seats away opposite him in the MRT, on the phone with Janelle*
Him: *exchanged a few glance with me, and turns away only when i stared hard at him*
Me: *continue to be on the phone*
Him: *started staring harder & gave me the flirtatious smile*
Me: *walks away quickly when alighting & continue to be on the next line with
Gillian, while walking to Mr Bean*
Him: *waited outside & gave me a signal* (he was damn embarrassed for a moment)
Me: *bought some snacks & walked out of the stall* "Erms.. You're looking for me?"
Him: "Yeahs. Are you student from NTU? I think i've met you a few times in NTU"
Me: "Nope, i'm not"
Him: "Actually wanted to buy you a drink, can i?"
Me:"No, it's ok. Thanks."
Him: "You're rushing for time?"
Me: "Yeahs, very."
Him: "I see. Can we meet up again soon?"
Me: "Nahs. I'll give you my email add then. Isn't that what you wanted?"
Him: "Great. Cool."
...........................................blahs blahs blahs........................................
it's always the contact number they wanted.
i'm smart enough to give just my email add lors. i'm not that dumb!
LOL! Imagine if he saw this.

Okok. I'll be back to my normal blogging routine ok.. As in picture-filled entries.
Been either very busy, net connection problems, or no mood to blog.
Sorry sorry. Pardon me!
A Cheongsum event tomorrow! It sounds so fun!

P/S: My internet connection is done up! Don't laugh at me anymore lors, boy:) !

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