16 June 2008

bits of today..

I'm on Kids Central - Watch Eat! repeat telelcast today.
Was super embarassing can! Cos' that was like years ago! 5 or 6 years back?
Damn ugly. Bf's friend can still recognised it's me... :(
I wonder why they kept repeating that show for sooo many times.
Like freaking lots of times friends had been telling me already!

My Darling Army Boy has been extremely sweet to me today!
So am i! He says he's melting by all my mushy mushy messages.
HAHAHAHAHA. 4 more days... i can't wait anymore!

School got fightings again.. Lame shit..
It has been the 3rd times i've seen fight for past 2 months -.-

My lil space...

A little vainity wouldn't kills!

My dearest Val so cute right!

Liyah liyah liyah!


Germany VS Austria!


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