17 June 2008


No lectures for today. Woke up by Janelle's call early in the morning.
I'm home alone. Darn emo can!
Darling Boy say wait for his messages today. & so i'm waiting!
I doubt he would have so much free time to entertain me too.
It's just 3 days away to his first book out! lalalalalala~


Ok. Sorry. I know i'm irritating.
Can't help it. LOL!

Tml is last day for my modules before exam commence on 30june.
And after 4july, i'll have holidays for a month!
Packed my july, people! Date me date me!
My Darling Boy is too busy for me. :(
Anyone willing to be his subsitute?? HAHA
. I'm just kidding!

Going salon to trim my bangs maybe tomorrow.
The previous time i trimmed my own, & it ended up not straight lors!
Hahahaha. Wanna save money in the end becomes ugly.

my stupid house phone had been ringing non-stop for 2 hours!
i'm fucking annoyed now!
i don't wanna pick up those numbers who's not my friends or relatives.

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