19 June 2008

Dolieolie Advertorial

DOLIEOLIE is now having a opening sales.
Therefore all items will be having 10% off.
Do hurry and grab em! (:
As In-stocks are all limited!
Spread the news toooooooo.


Do check out DolieOlie's site for more informations
for your orders.
Or simply email them for any enquiries!


Dolie Olie will ensure that all parcels will be
stated with their return address at the back.
Items will be delivered out within 1-3 working days
once payment is received.
Do join their mailing list to get updated with their new arrivals!

Happy Shopping!


Dolieolie is newly opened blogshop run by my pretty Valerie!
As you can see, she's also the model of her apparels!
She's a nice, friendly girl who you'll never regret doing business tradings with her!
Quick quick! Flood in all your orders now!

My personal fav!

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