08 June 2008

happy dumpling day!

Bring me back to the good old days.
I really miss the times when i was still a child.
Though i don't enjoy playgrounds cos' i rarely get in touch with them.
Parents doesn't bring me to the playgrounds, i don't know why too.
Hide-and-seek is seldom my game as i got no siblings to play with,
and parents doesn't allow me to play with other kids.
They are too protective over me, which is not a good thing afterall.
I was a very reserved kid then.
I don't watch cartoons programmes, i watch news.
The only show i remember watching was 'Power Rangers', and i had quite a
number of collectable stuff of it. That's all.
Parents never brought me to the zoological garden. It might be only once or twice
i went to the zoo with my parents.
Sad to say, i've got NO childhood.

Thus, i don't know how to act cute & enjoy in the shoot at the playground. :(

Have been hopping on to my cellphone every night promtly at 9.30pm
in order not to miss Darling boy's phone call faraway from Tekong,
even though it was only a few minutes call!
I missed 1 of his calls on the very first night while i was working.
Was so panicked lahs, immediately called back & lucky he picked up. HAHA.
I wonder how many more days can his battery last him.
Cos' he had only 1 pathetic batt with him to last him for 2 whole week!
Imagine his batt went dead & i can't even contact him. Arrgghh!

School tomorrow! Siiiaaaannn arhs!
Sian becos' of waking up early in the morning, the boring lecturer
& the dry module.
I love to meet my friends, of cos'!
Ok. GSS is on and i wanna shop.
However, i'm surviving on my own income, with no extra to shop!
You must be thinking i work & work how come still broke right?
Cos' those stupid companies kept dragging my pay.
& when i'm bloody rich, GSS is already over. !#$%^&*#$%^&*(!#$@^&*
Have you guys eaten Dumplings today??
I've eaten this morning! LOL!

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