14 June 2008

Euro Fever

I like this outfit more that the green one. =)

Netherland(i still prefer to call them 'Holland') Rawks!!!

Netherland 4 - 1 France!!!!

Yay! Definitely a good start for me betting on this Euro Cup.
Was particularly excited over this morning's match(2.30am),
cos' its the first time i'm betting so much after 4 years. LOL!

Half of the game was listening to Janelle reporting to me the location of
the ball. She damn cute lahs.. telling me things like who got the ball,
how the goal keeper saved the ball, where is the ball at(middle or towards goalie),
who's injured..........

There's this World Cup match Thailand VS Japan &
Saudi Arabia VS Singapore tonight.
Am still thinking whether to bet or not. The odds super low lahs,
betting is like a waste of time. Hahas.

I know soccer is so not my type right.. But i do catch every World Cup &
Euro Cup since i was 10 alright. :)

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