18 June 2008

i am pissed with the lecturer

You know, sometimes school can be that fuck up!
Nono. Not school, its the lecturer.
He's like Grrrrrr! Everyone's so pissed with him till we're like kept 'fking him'.
Talk also don't know how to talk properly, mind & mouth can't coordinate well.
Crapping all the way....

Some random pics i found in my phone!
Like super long ago random ones...

My school have this particular pushcart that sells Japan products.
Drinks, sweets, tibits & stuffs..
Superrr chio lehs the food, tempting! But ex lors!
I've got it's member card which will have discounts!
I bought sweets from there quite frequently. I've got sweet tooth! :)


This is Jaden..

Pretty boy got pretty features!
Give me his skin colour man! Super fair!

Zhu En!!!! My model classmate!
It's soooo fun working with her!

Some time for Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

In the cab going for a photoshoot..

A super early event! The so 'not fuly awake' face!

Am legally 18 and i have not been to any clubs yet! Very -.-''' right?

Partying soon after my exams!!!!

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