27 June 2008

am very sad :(

I'm soooooo STRESS UP! Fuck!
I need someone to let me hit, bite, kick, and scream at to relieve the stress in me!

Sad sad sad

Depressed Depressed Depressed



2) I've got new neighbours! (a bunch of construction workers!)

3) Monnneeeyyy!


It's saturday tomorrow when Darling Boy is booking out & i can be with him.
But still.... i'm not happy at all lors!

Saturday is 1 day away, meaning exam is 3 days away!
To be exact, it's only 48hours + 14hours = 62 hours away!

Damn it! I wonder will i even get a D.
Cannot cannot. Worst come to worst, must get a C!
My initially aim for these 2 modules is to get a B lors! Sigh.
Alrights. Nothing's gonna help if i am not hitting the books.


The neighbour next door is renting away the whole of his house.
Ok. Nothing wrong right?

But, he's some construction project's manager & so.......

You know, those construction workers!
Like china men, malaysian, & worst, bangalas all under one roof!

I hate this cos for the next half/quarter of my life, i'll be neighbours with these guys!

So my parents came out with all these:

a) No opening of the sliding windows in my house!
(my sliding windows are the only windows in my house, cos mine is a corridor house.)
Like duh, they want me to live in Sahara dessert mehs???

They have a point, cos' the guys next door might just peep through or even can see
the whole of my house since my curtains ain't that high up.

I sure want some privacy, don't you too?

b) Cannot be unbra-ed at home!
Girls do have times where we went un-bra at home when no dad or brothers is
around right? Yes, don't bluff.
Ok. So now i can't do that anymore. How great!

c) Cannot open the door to anyone. Ok. Standard.

d) Cannot go out at late night & cannot return home late anymore!
Cos' the guys next door is highly dangerous! Not 1 or 2. It's a group of them!

So not safe for a girl like me ok!

You tell me angry or not?
They screwed up my life lahs! Fuck!

I know you people gonna say, "you cannot look down on construction workers,
they are working hard and you should pity them, they are not bad people........ blahs."
Yeahs, i have prejustice over them. Cannot mehs?


Oh ya, i need a part-time or rather a full-time job for 1 month,
preferably a office admin, clerk, or receptionist!
& also a part-time job, preferably retail assistants while i'm schooling.

Modelling doesn't seems to interest me anymore.
Haha. Definitely not leaving this line so soon, of cos!
Am still young! I still welcome all events & shoots!

Can't be idling around like this cos' i've got no more savings lahs!
I need to feed myself too! &&&&& my driving license in near future!

The world revolves around with money.



Jeans is my style, for at least this week.

My beautiful leg arhs!!


congratz, Janelle! ;)

In all,

Janice is very sad! Not in good mood lors!

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