11 June 2008

its 6th... or 7th??

I made an effort to pay attention in class.
However, Limei's hp caught my attention & was fooling around with it.
That sinful thing made everything went down to drain! Grrr...

So freaking tired. I can actually close my eyes while typing this.
Wanted to catch a nap before heading work but here i am wasting time online chatting.
I got no time to sleep already lahs! Need to go doll up now.
Working for Carlsberg again, only when i'm with my dear girl Zhuen!
If not i would have rejected. Schooling & working is NOT fun at all. TIRING!

So cute isn't it?
These pics were taken on my birthday! When we're NOT together that time.
But who cares. We took more pics when we're seperated then together. LOL!
No good no good..

Anyway, it's 6th month together or 7th months together arhs??
Cos' the last time we counted was 5th.. and then you know.......
But we still contact as usual during the 3 weeks. It's only 3 weeks lahs!
HAHA. IT IS supposed to be the 7th month together isn't it??
Tell me tell me, 7th or 6th??
If it is 6th, then our 1 year would not be on 11'11'07' anymore.
So i supposed it is 7th month together right? Right not?? LOL.

I'm missing him again! :'( :'( :'(

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