10 June 2008

its only 4 days passed..

Cousin Jane is going for a Bangkok trip.
I gave her a long list of shopping items to buy back for me.
How i wish i could go with her too. Then perharps i could go for a plastic surgury,
plus also a boob job before coming back. HAHA.
My face is too chubby cos' of the baby fats, my teeth is too extra.
In short, just an ugly fuck. :(

Fundamental of Marketing test this Friday.
I don't even dare to wish that i would pass cos' i haven't even studied
a single thing yet!
2 days is so not enough to do last minute study too.
I'm gonna be so so dead. OMG!
I knew NOTHING about Marketing, i can't even remember a time where i was
not late or attended his class with half attention.

Counting down 9 & a half more days...
It's the 11th of the month tomorrow.
I wonder will he remember that it's supposed 7th, however counting as 6th months together.

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