20 June 2008

leave me alone plsss

I've a piece of good news to share!

My result slip found in my letter box!

Yes yes.
Lao niang's big name is Goh Zhen Lin. In case you don't know. :)


Anyway, it's an A for my PAF! I'm freaking proud of myself!
As for CS, C is not a good grade but at least i didn't flunk it.
& it's a Credit, not just pass(D).

*a pat on Janice's shoulder*

Okies. This is really a good motivation for me to mug for my next two module's
exam which is on 30th June & 4th July.
Both Fundamental of Marketing & Principles of Business Management are suckers!!!
Just finish writing notes on FMT, gonna start on PBM soon..

I know i'm hopeless. Exam is like only 10 days away & i am still writing notes!
Have been sleeping away my youth since Darling Boy's gone.
Cos' sleeping shortens the day! Hahahahhaha.
Fuck. I feel so like a geeky bookworm lazing at home hitting the books.
Tell me what's town?? Ask me when was the last time i've watch a movie?


On a lighter note....

Darling boy is returning tomorrow!!!!!

Being a super sweet,lovely,adorable,darling girlfriend(LOL. self-praising),
i shall go and pick him up at far Pasir Ris(damn damn far) back his house!
What's Pasir Ris compared to that Darling of mine right?
FYI, i'm living is Jurong West/Boonlay >.<

*** all thanks to my result, my mama allowed me to go out tomorrow & saturday.
if not i wouldn't get to meet Darling Boy.
yeahs. i need to ask for permissions every time i wants to go out.
stop laughing! not funny lors!

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