06 June 2008

this is so sentimental

I'm home!
School released early, like much more earlier then i expected!
I was like reaching the class not more then 15 mins & class ended!
Made me rush like mad from PULUA TEKONG!

Woke up super early & made a trip down to Darling's house to send hin off
together with his Dad.
Reached just on the dot, blame on the tortoise bus! LOL.

As predicted, i was tearing in the car.
Like duh, i was trying real hard to control already.
(Cos' people who know me well knows i don't usually cry!)
From half the journey till reaching Pasir ris before i let it out.

Then we took a shuttle bus, then ferry to Pulau Tekong!
A super ulu, faraway from mainland island.
Ok. I teared in the bus again. Fuck, it just like the tap running non-stop.

For the fucking reason that i would not be able to see him,
text & call him as and when i like. Do not need to buy lunch to his house
almost everyday & slack at his house without any reason anymore.
Like the whole routine has ended, he'd not be mine from Monday to Friday
for this period. :(

Got seperated with Darling soon after we reached, & i was left alone with his Dad.
We were ushered around the area, and actually things aren't that bad afterall.
Saw Darling took the vow, & went to 'collect' him for the lunch together.
We officially bid farewell after the meal, with a sweet kiss & a big hug!
Yes, holding on to the tears again. HAHA! Once i start i'll never stop.

Darling will be booking out on 20 June!
I'm waiting for his phone call tonight, hopefully he'll call me yeahs!

*Working tonight for Carlsberg again, with my pretty classmate Zhuen!

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